Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bringing Luxo to a close

After over 4 years of bringing our readers insights and news related to Pixar Animation Studios (the greatest film studio in the world today), Chad and I have decided to hang up our blogging hats and bring Luxo to a close. When we started Luxo in May 2004, it was with the intent to harness our admiration for the creative spirit that the Pixar team infuses into each and every one of its works and share that with the online community. Over the years, Luxo was the first and grew into the top online destination for all things Pixar, with over 2,500 unique visitors daily, and recognition as a "Blog of Note" on the network. Among the highlights was my trip to visit the studio in the summer of 2006 (to check out the magic first hand) and covering the Disney/Pixar merger. Luxo definitely kept Chad and I busy on top of our ever-growing professional lives. So, with the release of Wall-E (which is looking like Pixar's best!) later this week, we thought it was the perfect time to hand off to our fellow bloggers at Pixar Planet/Upcoming Pixar, The Pixar Blog, and The Disney Blog to keep bringing you the news on Pixar. We'd like to thank the marketing team at Disney/Pixar for keeping us in the loop, our readers for their comments, praise, links, and feedback, and of course, the creative team at Disney/Pixar for continually inspiring the world (and us) with its passion and magic.

Ken Bautista & Chad Kerychuk

P.S. We archived Luxo so you can check out the old posts here!